As newlyweds, you certainly need to plan ahead of time for your moving. You have to inventory all the useful possessions, sort out duplicate household items, manage the entire packing process, and hire a great professional moving company.


Here are some smart tips for you to make a faultless move:


  • Plan at least one month ahead: It will help you to avoid the possibility of misplacing items or causing damage to your items. Avoid being late to do away with any kind of messy situation and save your valuables.
  • Self-storage for security: It is like having an extra secure space at your convenience. Use this space or room to store any household stuff you won’t require presently but might need shortly later.


If you rent a self-storage unit, it will incur some expense but that might be affordable.


  • Choose the right moving company wisely: You have to be extra careful while choosing a moving company. Do not rush into hiring any moving company. Hire a reliable moving company. See that they have a good reputation to ensure the safety of your valuable items.
  • Use the cost calculator to estimate moving costs: You will have to do some research. Compare the prices of the different moving services. Check out the list of services provided. Watch out for previous customer feedbacks and reviews to analyze which services are cost-effective. Insured movers are the ones who will be extra careful with your belongings.
  • Only teamwork can make it happen: You are now moving as a couple. Avoid any kind of stressor mismanagement by developing good and healthy teamwork skills.


You should keep each other updated at every step of the preparation. Compromising is the solution when you face tough decisions. Don’t let tough decisions lead to aggravated tension.


  • Dispose of useless items: Sort out the items you might not need but might be useful to others and items that are completely useless for everyone. Pack and move only those things that you genuinely need in the future. Following this tip might save you a good deal of time as well as money.
  • Create a separate inventory list and do away with the duplicate items. Try selling the unwanted items, gift them, donate them to charity or you can simply throw them away for recycling.
  • Reduce the shipment weight to lower moving cost: Do not unpack all your wedding gifts prior to moving. The items are much safer in their packaging than in the open, at least during the move.

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