Moving furniture is a tedious task especially when your furniture pieces are antique. After all, antique furniture pieces are aesthetically beautiful and valuable too. It is wise to hire a professional moving company if you are making an international transit.  


Below are some smart and simple tips to help you move your antique furniture pieces:


  • Create a detailed inventory list: Creating an inventory of your precious possessions can keep a proper track of your belongings. Ensure to note down the name, year, location, and place of manufacturing. Also note its craftsman, material, original purpose, first owner, approximate value and every other significant information. Take a note of the furniture’s present condition and mark any existing damage. These safety measures will aid you in case you need to make a claim against the moving company.
  • Get an antique furniture assessment: The furniture assessment can verify the value of your valuables. Look up for a reliable and authorized antique furniture appraiser for the task.
  • Get fully insured: Getting your valuable antiques fully insured while in transit is vital. Call up your insurance agent to discuss the possibilities with him and your moving company to pick a specific kind of liability coverage best suited for you.
  • Make your furniture portable: To easily transport your antiques, get your furniture pieces empty. It will make them less prone to damage. Clean and dry them several days before the move. Take a note of any issues such as broken elements, non-secured pieces, damaged interior parts, etc.
  • Pack right: Hire a professional moving company to keep away from unnecessary risks. They will use the most appropriate packing materials required. Also, they will have all the most efficient packing techniques up their sleeves and prepare your antiques for shipment in the safest manner.
  • Disassemble your furniture the proper way: Disassemble any detachable elements like drawers, shelves, doors, legs, glass panels, etc. Pack each piece separately. The small hardware parts like screws, nuts, handles, etc. can be placed in plastic bags. Then, attach these plastic bags to the main furniture body.


Wrap your antique furniture pieces in at least 3 separate layers for surface protection, shock protection, and outer protection.


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