Some of our most frequently asked questions

How do I schedule a move?

Once you have decided to move with Trend Moving & Storage your moving consultant will collect a down payment to lock your place on our calendar. When a down payment has been secured, you will receive a confirmation email. Now that you are officially on the schedule, you will receive a call from your moving consultant the day before your move to ensure everything is still on schedule and ready to go. If you have any questions between booking day and moving day please feel free to call your consultant with any questions, we are here to help!

When do I pay for services?

Payment is collected on the same day after the completion of your move. If your move is a multi-day move, you will be responsible to pay your bill upon completion of the last day of your move.

How do I pay for services?

We accept Cash, Check, Certified Check, and Credit/Debit Card. There will be a 3% processing fee associated with all card use.

What happens on moving day?

On moving day, your moving crew leader will call you to give you an ETA at your first location. When the crew arrives, they will park the truck and begin a walk-through of your property to assess the best and most efficient way to move your belongings. If you have any questions during the move, please ask your designated crew leader and they should be able to help. If they do not have an answer, they will call our offices to get you the information you’ve requested.  You can now sit back and relax while our team completes your move.

Does my move come with a protection plan?

All moves come with the industry-standard protection plan of .60 cents per pound valuation. This is a free protection plan provided to you for your move. If you would like a higher level of coverage please reach out to your moving consultant for more information.

Can you help me pack?

Yes. All crews and trucks are packed with a minimal amount of packing supplies to tie up any small packing needs on the same day of your move. If you require full-service packing, please notify your moving consultant at least one day before your move.

Can you pack my closets?

Of course. We have wardrobe boxes on our trucks for rent or purchase.

Do I need to empty my bureau drawers?

You can leave your clothes and non-breakables in the bureau drawers. You are responsible to empty the drawers of any fragile and/or valuable items. Trend Moving & Storage will not be responsible for any damages or lost items in drawers.

How do I move my TV(s)?

All TVs are required to be in the original box or packed in a TV rental box by one of our team members. We will move TVs that are not in a box but hold no liability for any damage that may take place.

Do I need to disassemble furniture?

No. We will bring the tools needed for all disassembly. Trend Moving & Storage is only responsible for assembling items that have been disassembled by a Trend team member. If you would like a team member to assemble a previously disassembled piece of furniture by another party, please note that Trend Moving & Storage does not hold any liability for that said piece of furniture.

Can you attach or detach my appliances?

Trend Moving & Storage is not responsible for the attachment or detachment of any wall items. We are also not responsible for connecting, disconnecting, or preparing any or all appliances to be moved.

Can you take my grill?

Yes. You must disconnect or drain all propane and gas before moving day. You are responsible to transport the propane to the new location.

Can you move my lawn mower, generator, or snowblower?

Yes. You must drain all fluids from equipment prior to moving day. 

Can you move my plants?

No, Trend Moving & Storage will not move plants. No exceptions.

Can you take paint cans or chemicals?

No. We follow DOT requirements so we do not move or transport any paint, chemicals, or hazardous fluids.

What happens in the event of inclement weather?

In the case of inclement weather, Trend Moving & Storage holds the right to decide if the move will commence or not. In terms of decision making, road safety, mover safety, and your item’s safety will come into question. If for any reason due to rain or snow that you, the customer, would like to postpone, you are subject to our schedule and availability. Please contact your moving consultant with any further questions.

Can we tip the movers?

Gratuity is accepted but not expected.