Have an Upcoming Move?

Don’t Toss Extra Food—Donate It!

Help reduce food waste and fight hunger in our community.

With a move fast approaching, it is time to think about what to do with any leftover food that you do not plan to take with you. If you have non-perishable food, don’t throw it away—we’ll take it!

Help us support the Move For Hunger! All you have to do is put your non-perishable food items into a box and set it aside for moving day. When we arrive, we’ll take your box of goods and donate it to a local community food bank in need. It’s that simple.

Food Donation
Hunger Plate

Did You Know?

1 in 6 children in the United States go hungry each night.

How to help: Donate your food when you move!

Home for sale

Moving? Set aside unopened, non-perishable food items.

food donation box

Our crew will pack up your food and deliver it to a local food pantry.

Food Pantry

Your donations will be sorted and delivered to a local family in need.

What to donate?


Baby food/formula

Dry beans






Peanut Butter




Canned vegetables

Canned fruits

Canned stews & soups

Canned beans

Canned tuna & meats

Move For Hunger Logo

We proudly support the Move For Hunger. 

For more information, please visit moveforhunger.org!