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Moving a piano is serious business. We know this, which is why we have a team of experienced professionals who understand the process necessary to protect your precious investment. Only trained professionals should attempt to move a piano. There is always a chance of injury when moving an extremely heavy, awkwardly shaped object down a flight of stairs or through a doorway. We start by securing metal ramps in place if carrying the piano down a staircase. The keyboard is covered to protect the keys from damage during the move. Moving blankets are wrapped around the piano, making sure that any moving handles on the frame are not covered before securing the blankets with masking or electrical tape. There is usually a horizontal bar in the middle or top of the frame that can be used to lift the piano if there are no handles.

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After clearing a path to the exit, three movers carefully lift the piano onto the dolly. Once the piano is set on the dolly, it has to be positioned to make provision for clearing thresholds, going down stairs and through doorways. Moving straps are used to secure the piano to the dolly. Another mover acts as a spotter checking that everything is clear and holding doors open. Once the piano is safely on the truck, it is secured to rails or support bars along the interior walls. Trend Moving will deliver your piano efficiently and safely to its new location. Choose Trend Moving in Derry, NH for all your large item moves.

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