You might be willing to pack your study room yourself but you need to know the right packing tips. Truthfully, professional movers and packers from the best moving company can offer the best assistance when it comes to getting your study room items packed.


All you have to do is give the instructions or information necessary.


Here are some professional tips if you wish to pack the items in your study room on your own:

  • Sort out the books: If you are moving long distance, make certain to hire professional movers. Usually, you will be charged by weight. Carefully go through your books and determine which books you want to keep and pay to move.
  • Use the right boxes: Choose a moderate-sized box that will hold the weight. Ensure it is not damp. To be safe, make sure the box is solid. Don’t go for used boxes as it might damage your books in the transit. The box should be immensely sturdy and also use packing tape to seal the bottom and top of the box. Use a marker to label the box’s contents.
  • Pack hardcover in the right way: Hardcover editions are to be packed by placing them in the box standing upright, spine against the box’s side. Just do not go too tight as books can be damaged at the time of removal. Wrap each one in packing paper before placing them in the box. In case of precious books, place stiff cardboard in between books to keep the spines straight and to prevent any movement.
  • Pack paperbacks in the correct way: Both hardcover editions and paperbacks can also be packed flat and stacked. They can also be packed spine first with the paper edges facing up. Packing books with the paper edges facing down and spines up will cause books to warp and pages to bend. Also, use wadded-up paper to fill any remaining spaces.
  • Secure the box: Tape the box closed and label it “books.” Avoid stacking the boxes unless you can properly secure them in the moving box.


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