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Trend Moving Moving Tips 6 to 8 weeks

Tips for Packing Your Fragile Items while Moving in Derry, NH

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Among all other things, it is most stressful to pack up all that glass, fine china, and other fragile goods during a move. People often use bubble wrap and heavy boxes, others newspaper, and crates. No matter what packaging material you decide to use, check out these tips to up your glass packing game.


Make Use of The Right Packaging Material

Don’t mix fragile items with heavy items while storing. Large items can shift and shatter light delicate glasses during the move. Store your glass together and use multiple boxes full of packing material. There are various types of packing material:


  • Newspaper: It is readily available, recyclable and biodegradable. You can wrap glass plates and bowls with them or stuff them inside delicate vases and cups. Use excess newspaper to fill empty spaces in the box.
  • Bubble wrap: Though it is not biodegradable, you can use this light-weight, flexible plastic to wrap electronics. You can also ball it up and stuff it in empty spots to provide more cushioning and support.
  • Packing Peanuts: They are commonly made of Styrofoam and are not eco-friendly and a bit messy too. However, they can help fill up empty spots in boxes more so than other packaging materials. It can add cushioning and fill the box rather than engulf your items with just these entirely. You will find biodegradable starch peanuts too.

You can use a combination of all these packing materials to minimize the chance of glass or fragile items breaking. Remember the more paper and packing material you use the less likely something will break.


Prepare Against Severe Weather

In case you opted to move during winter, remember that cold temperatures can cause the glass to become brittle. Pack a little more thoroughly or use more packing supplies to ensure the safety of your products. For rainy weather, ensure your packing supplies don’t get wet.


What’s in the Box Matters

If you hire a moving company, they will use dish packs or mini dish as they are a thicker heavier box. They won’t crush as easily and you can stack other boxes on top without worry. Put heavier items on the bottom and pack your glass on top when packing your box. Avoid over-packing. Leave space at the top and fill it with newsprint or newspaper.


Call Trend Moving for Professional Help

You don’t have to stress about how to pack your glass safely. Our experienced experts can help you figure out what packing materials are best for your move. Call us today to hire the best moving company Derry NH. Our moving company Londonderry NH is also available for corporate moves and local moves.

Trend Moving Guide to Moving

How to Make Your Londonderry NH Home Move Less Stressful

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Even though moving can often be an exciting and fun adventure, it can also turn out to be an exhausting and frustrating experience. Remember, the key to a good move is preparation. Proper planning out everything will ensure that your move goes off without any hassle and delay. There are numerous small things that you can do that will help you in streamlining your move. And also note that a corporate moving service is best suited for the job. Check out a few tips for making your Londonderry NH home move less stressful.


Add creativity to your plan

Both time and space are at a premium in any move. Try to make the most of them by using clothes to pad your delicate objects. It will curb down the number of boxes that you need as you are making use of the unused space to store clothes. You can also pad the inner walls of the box with socks.


Do color coding

If you have color-coded each box by room, it will save time when you reach your new home. It is an efficient way. Take a box, see the color tape that is affixed to it, and put it into the correct room. Every little bit will add up when you are in a hurry and can’t afford to lose time.


Take pictures of electronic hookups

Take photographs to know how all of your electronics are hooked up. It can save a large amount of time when you reach your new home and start to reconnect them. And not only will it save time but it will dramatically decrease your stress level.


Hire a professional corporate moving service 

A professional corporate moving service Londonderry NH will have the experience and tools to get your move done well and efficiently. It is always good to call up your friends to help, but hiring a professional moving company will give you the peace of mind by taking a lot of the worry off of your shoulders.


Call up Trend Moving for a Hassle-Free Move

Don’t risk your valuables by trying to move them yourself while in transit. You can always rely on the expert service provided by Trend Moving. We are an exceptional corporate moving service who offers moving services in Londonderry NH and nearby areas. We have all the tools and experience necessary to carry out your move without any hitch and delay. Also, we are the only company who is offering top-notch service at an affordable price. Call us at (603) 548-1738 to plan a schedule.


Trend Moving Moving Tips 1 to 2 weeks

How to Plan for an International Long-Distance Move in New Hampshire

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Whether you’re upgrading, downgrading, or had job repositioning, there are many varied circumstances that would cause a family to move from your home in Manchester NH. You can decide to move to multiple locations for varied reasons. Some cases, however, demand a family to move internationally. When you need to move long-distance, it can present some serious issues. And a professional moving company can be of great help at such times.


If you are about to move internationally, you might want to check out these moving tips to prepare yourself.


Tips for International Moves


To be able to determine the cost of your move, first, figure out the items you are moving. For that, first, take a survey of your home to decide the items you want to be shipped. A professional moving company Manchester can help estimate all the cost for you including the cost to pack and ship. The cost will depend on the number of goods you have and the type of goods. Remember that the payment will be done based on volume, so it is a good time to cleanse. Give up old items and those that need to be replaced.


Usually, a professional moving company will ship your items in a container when you are moving internationally. The mode of transporting that container depends upon the company you are hiring. Make sure to choose a professional moving company that will tackle all your customs paperwork and is familiar with the International processes.


Get insurance for your move. A professional moving company Manchester that is licensed will offer you extra protection for your items. It will cost you extra but it is wise to spend the money and cover your items. The cost for the protection will differ depending on how much you are shipping.


What will a professional moving company offer?


A good moving company should be familiar with the different options available for international moves, and also know how to properly coordinate customs requirements. Look out for services such as:


  • Wrapping furniture
  • An inventory of all the items being shipped to you and customs
  • Professional staff to load the shipping container
  • Move Coordinator to work with you through the process
  • Customs coordination
  • Coordination at the unloading spot to get the goods delivered. They should not only get the items delivered to your new home but also get them unloaded into the house in their proper spots.
  • Some also offer additional auto transport, packing services, and freight forwarding if needed.

Call Trend Moving for the best International Moving Service

Our moving specialists at Trend Moving are reliable and experienced in all sorts of moving including international moving. Call professional moving company Manchester today to plan your long-distance transit. (603) 548-1738!

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Everything about Hiring a Pro Moving Company in Manchester NH

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Moving your home is not an easy task whether you reside in Manchester NH or any other locality. You need to locate and finance your next home and along with that, you have to move all your items when doing so. Moving is more than just picking up your things and placing them in a car.


Several buildings have restrictions on when you can move. In cases when you are losing your apartment or home, you may need to move quickly and efficiently to pass up the challenge of living without the necessities in your new home. A moving company can get your job done in an efficient manner.


Using a Moving Company

Make your process easier by hiring a professional moving company. Moving companies comes with numerous benefits to those looking to move. They supply both the manpower and equipment needed to assist you to relocate. You are also insured which can prevent you from major damage to your possessions or to the home or apartment building which you are vacating.


The Process of Using a Professional Moving Company

As an agreement is entered with a professional moving company, you will agree on the terms and lay down a future date for your move. Some companies charge premium prices for certain busy seasons or on weekends.

If the company is professional, it will show up at the scheduled time and assist you in carrying out the items that need moving. Prepare the items beforehand and have them neatly organized and boxed. It will make the move a smooth process.


Moving Large Items

Very often, large furniture and items are left in their raw and regular state. Movers will utilize mats and other protective items to cover and protect your mattress and upholstery from getting spoiled. Next, they will carry the items to the moving vehicle and unpack them when you reach your new home.

Do check their condition and if there is an issue as to their condition, you can formally issue a complaint.

Hiring moving companies is very secure and it gives you peace of mind that your valuables are safe.


Call Trend Moving for Hassle-Free Moving

Do you reside in Manchester NH? Call Trend Moving today to schedule an appointment with us. Our moving company Manchester NH is an experienced company that can help you relocate your home quickly, without hassle and delay. Call us at (603) 548-1738. We are glad to help. 

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Why Hire Professional Packing Services in Hampstead NH?

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If you want to move, professional packing services are a very worthwhile option. It saves you time and even if you have to invest in them; it is more secure than packing your items yourself.


Professional Packing Services are Cost-Effective

Packing services could actually save you money. Some moving services are priced at an hourly rate, so these services don’t come with a premium price tag. Professional packing services can help save would-be DIY packers significant time and you know time is money. If you take off from work to pack for moving, you are losing salary or a vacation weekend. Professional packers will get the job done twice as quick.

They come equipped with proper boxes for their packing clients. The correct boxes are sturdier and prevent fragile items from being damaged. In case the price seems high, think about the cost of replacing your valuables instead. An inexperienced person will not know the right box to fit the items leaving them vulnerable.


It Is Too Convenient

Not everyone likes to pack. Allowing a professional to handle your packing can be the best option. The moving process in itself takes so much effort and involves so many different tasks. You shouldn’t feel obligated to stretch them even thinner. Hiring packing services Hampstead NH will also offer a peace of mind. Knowing your belongings will be in safe hands every step of the way really helps ease the moving day stress. In rare cases when something does go wrong, professional packers will also provide insurance.


Best Loading and Unloading of Items

Loading and unloading are the tasks that needed extreme care as there are high chances of damage during the transportation process. Since the relocation service providers are experienced, there is no chance of losing or damaging anything while loading and unloading the goods.


Effective Usage of Manpower And Fleet

The shifting companies have a capable and sedulous team who can assist you. There are lots of potential risks involved in trying to shift the household goods yourself including injury. Leave them to ample hands.


Hire Trend Moving for Best Packing Services Hampstead NH

In case you are looking for professional packing services in Hampstead NH, take the help of Trend Moving. We are an experienced moving service equipped with the tools necessary to complete the moving job swiftly without any delays. Give us a call (603) 548-1738 today to make an appointment with us.

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