Trend Moving Large Item Moves

Large Item Moves

Trying to move a piano, a safe, a large couch, a pool table, or anything heavy can be a challenge even for the most experienced movers. This is why we specialize in moving large items such as these. Our team of experts will make quick work of even the heaviest objects in your home. We know how to secure and protect them from damage and we know how to move them safely.


A large item needs to move delicately. The slate on a pool table can be easily cracked, a piano is awkward and extremely heavy, a safe typically is difficult to handle and get a grip on. These items make moving them a challenge that the average person just is not equipped to deal with. Trust the experts at Trend Moving to get these large, expensive items into their new resting place without stressing over how you will handle them. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Trend Moving Large Item Moves

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